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Philips Lifeline Medical alert System Review


Homesafe with Auto alert

Homesafe with Auto alert

The Philips Lifeline medical alert system is a long-serving service provider that is owned by Philips. It provides four packages under Philips Lifeline Umbrella. This includes the traditional home-based medical alert system without fall detection and the Lifeline alert system with fall detection. Other available options include the cellular option and the smartphone app. The automatic fall detection pendants can contact the Philips service monitors automatically for help to arrive as fast as possible. Philips medical alert company can support up to 200 languages which eliminates the issues of communication. They offer technical support and assistance through their skilled technicians who will visit your home if you have any issues with installation.

Product hardware

Philips Lifeline medical alert system uses a pendant that is connected to AT&T’s network. To send an alert, you simply push the pendant button which sends a signal to the monitoring systems. The care specialists will answer your call and respond as quickly as possible.

Features and pricing

Philips Lifeline provides a premium package at a higher monthly cost. This package includes AutoAlert with fall detection. With this technology, it is able to detect a fall and send an alarm to the monitoring systems. The basic package costs $29.95 and includes a range of 500 feet. You can add a voice extension and a lockbox to your service at a one-time fee. A voice extension increases two-way speaker phone to a larger area. The lockbox allows you to keep a spare key for assistance in the situation where you are not able to open the door by yourself. The medical personnel, neighbors or family members can gain access to you.

Includes the Philips medication dispensing service which reminds seniors to take their medication and avoid possible medication errors. This service comes with a dispensing button and an audio which reminds seniors of the appropriate time to take medication.

Comes with a backup battery that can stay for 30 hours in case of an emergency or power outage. The Philips medical Alert systems optimal range of 500 feet varies with the home design, walls and material.

Lifeline has an excellent technical support which allows you to call for help at any time of need. They have a live chat support on their website which offers more support. You can contact them using email, or call them using their company phone number.

Features in summary

  • 500 feet range
  • Auto fall detection
  • Free installation
  • 200 language support
  • Traditional in-home medical alert system
  • Has water proof pendants
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Cellular and smartphone app detection
  • Serves over 7 million people
  • Excellent support and response team

  • Slightly more expensive when compared with other alert services.



How much does the cellular option cost?

The cellular option costs $54.95 (/AT&T) monthly fee and a onetime expense of $149

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Philips Lifeline medical alert system is a renowned service provider and being a pioneer in the industry, has garnered a lot of trust from customers all over the United States.

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