Bayalarm Medical Alert System Review

This small convenient device will eliminate any worries of a medical emergency and give you the peace of mind that you need. As for elderly people and those living with disabilities, the thought of being alone and in the middle of a medical emergency can be quite frightening. However, with the Bay alarm medical system, you can stay assured of guaranteed help and medical attention. This medical alert system has an impressive range of 1000 feet and comes with a myriad options for the pendant, necklace or wristband. It is easy to install and has a battery backup in case power goes out.

Features and price

Rated among the best medical alert systems, the Bay alarm comes with impressive features to facilitate operation and service delivery. Bay Alarm medical provides technical support for 24 hours in a day throughout the year. Considering its price and combination of service and hardware, it is a first rated medical alert service all in $27.95. Its customer service is also excellent.

This system’s receiver works within a range of 1000 feet without alteration on the number of walls, rooms or material of the house. It comes with a very sensitive speaker which allows you to speak even when you are not near the console, and can also be used to answer phone calls by simply pushing the button on the pendant.

The pendant can be worn as a light weight necklace, and comes with the options of a wristband and belt clip. They are all waterproof and durable enough to ensure you get long service. You can also acquire another pendant for another loves but still serving with the main console at no additional monthly fee.

Bay alarm medical offers multiple language support of up to 170 languages. These languages include Thai, Azeri, Italian, Norwegian, Uzbek, Greek, Montenegrin, Hakka, Telugu and many other languages which are supported. A summary of the features

  • Bay alarm GPS Tracking and fall detection technology
  • fire, smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring for the upgrade package
  • 1000 feet range which is among the highest range
  • Multilingual support
  • No additional installation fee
  • Alert system works with your phone line
  • Offers flexible plans instead of contracts which would tie you down
  • You can move with the alert system even on vacation


  • Waterproof pendant
  • A 1000 feet range
  • Simple installation


  • Bay Alarm Medical requires you to pay for your delivery costs


How long can the battery power stay for?

Bay Medical alert system includes a 32-hour battery life that is rechargeable in case power goes out. This allows our medical personnel to attend to you in case of an emergency at all times to ensure you are safe.

Bay Alarm

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Bayalarm Medical Alert System Review


Bay Alarm Medical is one of the best medical alert services with comprehensive services for seniors. Their aim is to provide emergency services with utmost convenience and in the most affordable way. The help and support is excellent and ready to help you with any questions that you may have. This includes a live chat support, found in very few companies out there. It gives you good features and good value at the same time.

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