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ADT Medical Alert System Review


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Medical Alert Plus

Medical Alert Plus

ADT Medical Alert Basic

Medical Alert Basic

The ADT medical alert system gives seniors a way to maintain an independent lifestyle that is secure and safe. ADT is one of the leading home security companies in the market today. It provides both the basic medical alert system and alarm service which includes a 24/7 medical monitoring. This means that you can speak to a live representative at whatever time in case of a medical emergency.

Features and price

 ADT comes with the standard Medical Alert Basic unit which can cover up to 300 ft range. This is quite low when compared with other alert system for seniors. Additionally, the optimal range is subject to alteration depending on the size of your home, the number of walls and rooms which can affect the general effectiveness of the device and station communication. The ADT home security is priced at $34.95 and allows you to upgrade to Medical Alert Plus which has a wider range. This upgrade package does not require a landline unlike the basic package. The upgrade package includes a fall detection feature which is optional, and the temperature detector for extreme high or low temperatures. There is also the On-the-Go package which offers more flexibility. Features of these packages include;

Features Summary

  • Temperature detection and also comes with smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • Waterproof pendants
  • Automatic system check for repair and maintenance
  • The upgrade package does not require a landline
  • Fall detection feature


ADT Company has a wide reputation as a home security provider. Its alert systems are ranked above average by most customers who have used them before.

  • The base stations can detect unusually extreme temperatures and make an alert automatically
  • Has a test reminder to check whether the device is working properly
  • Has many options for hardware
  • The upgrade does not require a landline
  • GPRS location service
  • Trusted by over 6,000,000 users



  • The range for the basic package is the lowest in comparison with other alert systems
  • ADT alarms have the lowest advertised battery life in its base station.


What happens if the power goes out?

The base unit of the medical monitoring system has a maintenance free, built-in back up battery that will operate your system for up to 20 hours before the battery runs out. A low battery signal is sent to the home medical monitoring center to warn that the unit will soon be non-functional. An ADT monitoring specialist will then call to advise you on the low battery.

ADT Medical Alert System


$35.99 $39.99

ADT Medical Alert System Review


ADT is most preferred by customers because of the guaranteed 24/7 protection for your loved ones. It is also one of the largest service providers in the country with customer monitoring center located nationwide. It also consists of well-trained team of security professionals who are experienced.ADT medical alert systems offer decent ranges to cover many homes. It has a wide customer base and team which shows the level of trust they have garnered over the years. As a leading company, ADT home security systems can be relied upon in cases of medical emergencies.

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