8 Signs to idtentify that its time for a Medical Alert System

There are too many reasons for having a medical alert system. This is especially the case for the aged, heart-attack victims and people suffering from depression. The following are some of the signs that when witnessed should actually make one go purchase a medical alert device:

1Frequent falling down: Studies have shown that falling is one of the major causes for injuries and hospitalization of people. The studies have also shown that many adults aged 65 and above are likely to suffer falls that may sometimes turn to be fatal.

If you are a victim of these frequent falls, it is very necessary that you get yourself a medical alert system since you never know when next you will suffer a fall that will not allow you to walk or even shout for help.

2Nobody around home: People who live in lonely houses are advised to buy medical alert systems. Living alone may be considered to be fun but to some extent it is very dangerous in case there is an emergency and more especially a medical emergency.

The medical alert systems will always be there to provide help whenever the occupant falls sick and there is no one to check in. Some of them are even designed to provide help when intrusion by burglars is noticed.

3Serious medical conditions: When a family member has a serious health problem like diabetes, it indeed necessary that a medical alert system be installed in their home. This is because management of these chronic conditions is made easier when fast and immediate attention is administered. It will also provide a peace of mind to the subject as they will not worry on who will come for their rescue once they are in a medical crisis.

serious medical conditions

4Frequent visit to the hospital: Once you start visiting the hospital more frequently due to an ailment, it is prudent to get a medical alert device as you never know when the condition will worsen and find you out of hospital.

5Refusal to live with assistants in a house: When a medically vulnerable person refuses to live in a house with assistants, it is very important for them to purchase an emergency medical alert gadget. This will be their help once they have been pinned down by ailments or other medical conditions.

6Inaccessibility and commitments: If you find that you are becoming too committed and you are far from seniors at your home, then it means that it is time that you get a medical alert system for them. This one will put your mind at ease as you will know they will be able to access help at any hour.

7When medication causes dizziness: When medication taken by you or a family member causes dizziness it is very vital that you look for a medical alert system. Dizziness may lead to falls and even cause one be unable to talk, one will only be able to send a distress call/signal by using this gadget.

8When your landline is unstable: Most senior people have landlines in their houses.  However some of them may not be very reliable when there is a medical emergency. You may call a relative or 911 for help but the line might be busy or broken down.

This is why you will always need to have a medical alert system with you every time as other forms of communication may become ineffective during emergencies.

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