5 Reasons to why a senior must have wireless home security systems

Wireless home security systems are home or house monitoring systems that are computerized and allow a person to control and also survey the security of their house remotely.

Most of these wireless home security systems can be accessed on personal computers and smartphones with the help of software and apps.


Remote Monitoring

Seniors Remotely Monitoring their home

Most senior people will like to travel to their children’s houses and pay them visits. They also like to visit colleagues where they may have a little chats.

When they have a wireless home security system, they will be able to know what is taking place back at home as they will be updated on any development in the house by the systems over their smartphones or laptops.

They will be able to know when there is a break-in and therefore call for help from the police.


Remote Operations

Remote OperationsSince senior people tend to get tired very fast especially during the night. When they have a wireless home security system, they will be able to turn off lights by just a press of a button besides also being able to lock doors and unlock specific doors in their houses without their physical presence.

Remote turning of lights is also important as it helps in saving on electricity.

This is very helpful to an elderly person who is tired or sick and cannot reach the door and open for someone who is coming to help him/her.


Detection and Reporting Emergencies

Seniors tend to become insensitive to happenings around them. Some of them develop hearing and visual defects that will make them incapable of detecting emergencies such as break-ins or even fires. Wireless home security systems have been built in a way that they sense events like fire which is the work of smoke and fire sensors. They also detect unfamiliar motion from possible robbers and inform the occupant. The senior will then be able to call for assistance or choose to attend to the emergency.


Access to Medical Support

monitoring systemMost modern wireless home security systems have been linked to emergency medical provider lines. The person with these devices can report a medical emergency by pressing an emergency button on the device. Most of them have the Medical alert systems which can be triggered remotely.


Protection From Harmful Environment

Due to the fact that senior people tend to get less sensitive to the environment, there are vulnerable to getting exposed to poisonous gases without them noticing.

The good thing about wireless home security alert systems is that they are able to detect when harmful gases such as carbon monoxide are released. They then trigger an alarm that will inform the occupant to open the windows and vacate the place hence preventing suffocation.

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