5 Good Health Habits for Seniors

There are always thousands of campaigns championing for good health practices among the youths and other young people. They are always aimed at ensuring that the young generation grows to older ages without medical complications. However this does not mean that a person should stop  practicing good health habits once they have aged. The following are some of the habits that the seniors can embrace and they will be rewarded with even longer and healthier lives:


Eat healthy

It is very important for every senior person to be fed on proper balanced diets. However, over feeding should be prevented as it is against the laws of health.
Since the digestive system tends to get slower with increased age, it is very important to ensure that elderly people feed on diets with high-fiber fruits, vegetables and even long grains. These type of food will help to ensure the senior do not experience constipation among other digestive problems.
They should also drink plenty of drinks since they are likely to face dehydration. Drinking a lot of water and other fresh fruit juices can prevent dehydration besides also keeping them energized and also mentally sharp.


Get enough sleep

senior woman sleeping on bedSeniors should get enough sleep on daily basis as it is one of the sole methods of ensuring their minds and bodies are refreshed.

Their bedrooms should be far away from sources of noise or any other destruction that may trigger insomnia.

Their beds should be made warm and comfortable enough while the lights in them should be turned down so as to be a conducive environment for sleeping.


Stay physically fit

exercise for seniorsIt is important for seniors to also take part in physical fitness drills. They should go for jogging, walking, skating, mountain climbing, swimming and also dancing.

These activities ensures their health is in top gear as they ensure that there is adequate blood flow in their bodies besides also keeping their muscles in good shape and condition.

Studies have proved exercises to have an effect of increasing energy in the body and also improving the memory status without forgetting its ability to alleviate depression.



senior socializingSeniors should find time and spend with friends, children and even grandchildren.  This type of relationship help the senior feel associated and it is very importance for a case where the subject cannot move.

During socializing the peers or other people have good time and fun whereby they laugh at jokes and other interesting things, laughter is still the best medicine for anyone despite of the age factor.


Go for medical checkups

medical checkup for elderlySeniors should adopt a constant habit where they go to see their doctors for medical checkups. They should attend to dental checkups where there dental health can be monitored.

Optical checkups should also not be overlooked since good eyesight is an added advantage in the lives of older people.

Optical checkups ensures that developing sight defects are detected in time and the appropriate medication is applied hence prevention of unfortunate occurrence of blindness and other visual defect common in very old people.

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